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    CHIMEI Launches Harmonious Power Plant with Green Energy and Lush Trees

    Addtime:2020/8/11 Views:2470


    Promoting Eco-Friendly Values and Co-Existence with Nature

    Since its founding, CHIMEI Corporation has always been focused on environmentally friendly and sustainable development. The company has taken a wide range of concrete actions to protect the environment, including, most recently, transforming an idle factory lot in Shanhua District, Tainan City into the CHIMEI Green Energy Park by installing ground-mounted solar panels with a total capacity of 15 MW (equivalent to 20 million kWh per year) and preserving more than 22,000 trees.

    The result is a green energy park that balances industrial development, beautiful views, a thriving ecosystem, and a lush forest. The park is expected to contribute 12,000 metric tons in annual carbon emissions reduction. The opening ceremony held today was attended by the Mayor of Tainan Huang Wei-cher, Director-General of the Bureau of Energy Yu Cheng-wei, Director-General of the Industrial Development Bureau Leu Jang-hwa, as well as the heads of Taiwan Power Company and other units. Representatives from AU Optronics, which helped build the plant, were also present. The plant is not only a gift of sustainability to Mother Earth from CHIMEI on its 60th anniversary, but also a token of the company’s commitment to protecting the environment and doing good for wider society.

    In keeping with its Clean & Green vision, CHIMEI’s Green Energy Park is based upon the core idea of allowing trees and solar panels to coexist. Despite the fact that this coexistence will significantly increase future operational and maintenance costs, while sacrificing more than 20% of power generation, CHIMEI insisted on adopting sustainable construction methods and preserving the trees to lessen the impact on the environment. This coexistence of green energy, trees, and scenery make this beautiful power plant “wondrously harmonious,” said CHIMEI.

    Hsu Chun-hua, Chairman of CHIMEI Corporation, told attendees of the opening ceremony that the creation of the park will allow the company to contribute toward the development of low-carbon cities and renewable energy, marking a leap forward in the company’s sustainability commitment. According to Hsu, investing in green energy is by no means a CSR gimmick; it is an investment in the company’s sustainable competitiveness. Hsu said CHIMEI hopes to use the park to communicate its Clean & Green vision for the next 60 years, promising to invest more in green innovation and to incorporate Clean and Green ideas into every aspect of the company’s operations.

    At the initial design stage of the park’s construction, three forest reserves had already been marked out. Additional trees were also planted on the streets that surround the plant. Every tree that needed to be moved was gifted and safely relocated to CHIMEI’s affiliates. The design team opted for steel structure foundations instead of traditional reinforced concrete foundations. They also chose not to cover the park in asphalt, leaving the entire park unpaved, as CHIMEI insisted on letting the earth breathe and lessening the impact on the soil. By utilizing green technology and preserving the trees, CHIMEI has created a power plant with lush greenery that breaks with convention. The park’s harmony is restorative not only for the earth but for people’s hearts as well, said CHIMEI.

    Chao Lin-yu, President of CHIMEI Corporation, reiterated the company’s long-time commitment to environmental and energy issues. According to Chao, in the past six years, the company has installed rooftop solar panels at its plants with a combined capacity of 7 MW, the success of which gave rise to the idea of a green power plant with ground-mounted solar panels. Chao referred to the park as a culmination of the company’s efforts in green construction, promoting the circular economy, and ecological conservation. Chao said that the park would bring the company’s total solar power output to 22 MW, which is equivalent to the average annual power consumption of 8,100 households. Chao also told ceremony attendees that the company has many more green innovation projects under way in addition to green energy development. He estimated that the company will be able to produce 80% of its own power from clean energy sources and reduce its carbon footprint by 36% upon completion of these projects.

    In order to reach a wider audience with its Clean & Green vision, CHIMEI Corporation also built CHIMEI Clean & Green House in the new park. Constructed with recycled building materials, the house features exhibits introducing topics related to green energy and tree science, as well as explaining the company’s Clean & Green vision. In the future, the pavilion will serve as an important CSR base for the company. The annual CHIMEI Science Camp will also take place at the house. CHIMEI believes that the best way to educate the next generation on the importance of green energy and sustainable development is by showing them a practical implementation of these green concepts.

    CHIMEI remains committed to finding innovative ways to promote green manufacturing, clean energy, and the circular economy. The company hopes to continue increasing its energy efficiency, reducing its carbon footprint, and striving toward a cleaner, more eco-friendly future. CHIMEI’s vision is to contribute to a world where people and nature live in harmony, and where every citizen on earth contributes to a sustainable future.

    CHIMEI. A Step Up!

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